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Feel good about the meat you eat.

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Buy your beef confident that it is 100% grass fed, has been quietly handled and grazed in large paddocks with lots of shade and water.

Buy the beef which is best for your health. Grass fed beef is higher in vitamins A and D, with more healthy omega 3’s, loads of iron and less Omega 6’s (harmful fats) than grain fed beef.

We sell a large variety of cuts, specialising in those you cannot get elsewhere.

Our cattle have never been in a semi trailer or been fed antibiotics or hormone growth promotants.

Your custom helps us continue our extensive tree planting program, protect 150 hectares of fantastic bush and provide habitat for 170 species of birds and iconic native wildlife.

Why love it?

  • I've just eaten some of the beef I bought from you. I think that's the first time I've ever tasted real melt in your mouth meat.

    Jennifer, Canberra
  • The rump steak was gorgeous, everyone agreed that the taste was very different from what we have bought in the past and we all thought it tasted ... cleaner.

    Cecilia, Melbourne

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