Why grass fed?

Our cattle are grass fed 100% of their lives. Beef sold in supermarkets and butcher shops is primarily purchased from feedlots where the animals are feed a diet of grain.

Our cattle graze on native and introduced grasses. They selectively graze what their bodies are telling them that they need. In dry times, or in the winter, we feed them hay or silage. Their diet isn’t formulated by humans in a feedlot.  They are treated only when they are sick.  They are never given growth promotants  as they are in a feedlot.

Grass fed beef has less fat than grain fed beef.   The meat is lean but tender – it has less fat and less marbling (the lines of fat within the meat).  A common misconception is that fat creates tenderness.  An animal which has lead a stress free life, is processed at right time and treated with respect is the animal which produces a tender juicy cut of beef.

Beef is highly nutritious with  13 essential nutrients. It has iron for energy, protein for strength and zinc for brainpower! It provides other essential nutrients including omega-3s, B vitamins, selenium and vitamin D.   Grass fed beef has a higher level of beneficial Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) and Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids than grain fed beef.  The omega chain is altered when an animal eats grain.  Healthy omega 3’s are replaced by unhealthy omega 6’s.  The beef is not as good for you, and the animals are leading a stressed and contained life.

We handle our cattle quietly and with care. They are processed locally.  We select our processing facilities carefully, focusing on those with good animal management in a difficult situation.

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grassrootsWhy grass fed?