Side of Beef

Approximate cost $1280.

All weights approximate.

Eye Fillet steak 1.2kg,  Scotch steak 1.4kg, Porterhouse steak 3kg,  Rump steak 3kg, Oyster Blade steak 800g, Round Steak 2kg, Chuck steak 3.5kg,  Gravy Beef, 2.8kg, Bolar Blade Roast 1.6kg,  Corned Beef 3.2kg,  Topside Roast 3kg, Brisket Roast 1.2kg,  Mince 20kgs Sausages 16kg (Herb and Garlic, Spicy Italian, Plain Beef, Chipolatas (small plain))

Total Beef  62 Kgs

All cuts come in retail size packs and are vacuum sealed and labelled.

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Product Description

Buying your grass fed beef in bulk is the most economical way to go – assuming you have lots of freezer space!! Price per kg is $20.60 which is a 20% discount on the full retail price.

All animals will of course differ in weight, but with the current animals a side of beef will give you 62kg. So the approximate price is $1280

It’s your order and we can cut it and pack it exactly how you want it.  For example select how thick you want your steaks, whether you would prefer ribs to some of the mince, select your favourite sausages, or choose to have  some of the steaks as whole roasts.


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